Karina Jo

• I crave the beach, but my heart comes alive in the mountains. I think this is why I am obsessed with Paddle Boarding.

• Whole Foods is my guilty pleasure.

• I value the idea of simplicity, but my collection of chunky sweaters and maxi dresses would argue otherwise.

• I prefer my wine red, coffee black and my hair big!

• I got the nickname ‘KJ’ when I was whitewater rafting guide.

• My friends describe me as bubbly and wild.

• I dream of adventure! I love imagining new places to wake up at and drink coffee or go paddle boarding.

• I can't pass up happy hour on a patio with my friends.

• I am becoming passionate about nutrition & I want a farm & a goat. :)

• I LOVE presents! It doesn't matter what it is, anything wrapped and topped with a bow makes me so giddy.

• I am richly blessed with family and friends. They mean everything to me.

• Rob is my Bestie.